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A Nature-Based Therapy Practice for Men

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I Wasn't Always in a Position to Help Others...

To share with them the overflow from my own cup. 


There was a long time when my cup was empty. 

Growing up, I experienced the constant worry of anxiety, 

being in the bottomless hole of depression, 

and the shutdown of trauma.

I also felt withdrawn and disconnected from others.

I got tired of being in emotional pain all the time.

I Wanted to Feel Better...

… to connect more with myself, connect more with others and to find my own answers.


I got trained in Reiki, breathwork, yoga, and a plethora of other healing methods. 


I started to feel better. My depression went from once a month, to once every two months, every six months, and to very rare.


The anxiety and trauma shutdown also drastically decreased.


I wanted to help others feel better as well, so I got a Masters in Public Health and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I became a #1 international bestselling author by taking what I’d learned about resolving trauma through Eastern and Western methods and combining them into The Complete PTSD Recovery Process. 


Now, I’ve had the privelege to work with hundreds of clients to help them feel better and accomplish their goals as well.

Additional Certifications and Trainings

Certifications Year
Kundalini Hatha Yoga - 150 Hours 2016
Vinyasa Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hours 2015
Pranic Healing 2013
Reiki Master 2013
Trainings Year
Effortless Heart Mindfulness 2017
Authentic Leadership and Facilitation 2015
Shamanic Breathwork Facilitation 2014
Inner Child and Shadow Work 2014
Emotional Freedom Technique 2014
Non-Violent Communication 2013

Inner Fire Therapy Principles


Healing starts with becoming more aware of yourself, your emotions, and patterns.


Working with the relationship between the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.


Giving you the tools to shift how you feel and navigate difficult situations yourself.


Practice with these tools and new ways of thinking is what leads to change.


The therapy process doesn’t have to be dry. Humor adds its own medicine.

Specialty Areas

Client Success Stories

Aman B.
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He helped me get over something limiting beliefs about money. I couldn't get over them no matter how hard I tried. I no longer have these beliefs. I am in the best place I've been financially for a long time. He is incredible at what he does.
Nemanja M.
Communication Issues
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"He helped me a lot with communication issues with our employees. Those principles can be applied to any relationship in your life. Invaluable."
Dan W.
Overcoming Personal Blocks
Read More
"If you're wondering if you should work with Mr. David Redbord, I cannot recommend this guy highly enough. Removed so many personal blocks that I didn't even realize that I got. Just a wonderful experience with him. Just a wonderful experience with him, taking me to the next level."

You Don't Have to Struggle On Your Own...

Get the guidance and support you need to move through the things that are causing you suffering.

Inner Fire Therapy

A Nature-Based Therapy Practice for Men

1650 38th St. Suite 100E Boulder CO 80301

David Redbord, MA, MPH, LPCC

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