Resolve Anger and Rage with Online Therapy

Does this Sound Like Your Experience of Anger?

“Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to be angry at home. When my parents were angry, they would throw things and scream at each other. As a result, I felt really uncomfortable with anger. He helped me become comfortable with my emotions, including anger, and to work with them in my life, rather than avoiding them. Now, when I feel angry, I know what to do and I don’t have to avoid it or stuff it down anymore.”

Which Means That…

Anger gets in the way of your relationships. 


It’s hard to stay close to someone because you find yourself getting angry. 


You disconnect from others as a way of keeping yourself and them safe.

“Anger used to take me over. I’d say things that I regretted later and which hurt my marriage. David helped me create more space inside and to not let my anger control me anymore. He also taught me valuable communication skills to more effectively connect with my wife. Now that I understand myself and my wife better, my marriage is way more relaxed.”

How to Work with Anger

Learn how to work with anger – rather than fighting it.

Discover what’s under the anger

Learn new ways of thinking and communicating so you get angry less often.

Set healthy boundaries beforehand so situations don’t lead to anger.

Want support in working through the anger you’re experiencing?

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“My anger caused my ex-girlfriend to break up with me. I wanted to know what to do so that in my next relationship I could be less angry and more present. David helped me take responsibility for my anger, make healthier boundaries, and feel more confident in myself. I don’t get angry as often, and if I do I can move through it.”

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