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About Therapy

“Your task is not to seek for love. Your task is to seek and find all the barriers you have made against it.” – Rumi

Therapy is the process of uncovering the barriers we’ve made to love, well-being, and success and moving through those barriers toward increasing levels of authenticity and wholeness.

Therapy is intended to create a safe, relaxed space for you to explore what’s causing the issues you’re experiencing. We identify the root cause and patterns around the issues and come up with new approaches to create new outcomes that help you live the life you want.

We live in a culture where our attention is often directed outwardly: television, video games, porn, having a nice house, nice car, nice phone, an attractive partner, etc.

Often these things distract us from ourselves.

Therapy can help you focus on what’s happening inside.

By focusing our attention there, we can get to know ourselves. We can appreciate our strengths and our unique gifts, and talents.

We can move from living in our heads to living in our bodies and reconnecting with our emotions and intuition.

If you’re ready to connect more deeply with yourself and others, to feel more comfortable showing up as yourself in the world, and to feel better, then therapy can help you.

Sessions are casual and relaxed.

During a typical session you can share what’s going on in your life; both what’s happening inside yourself and what’s happening in your relationships.

If you’re wanting support around those issues, I’ll offer feedback and suggestions on how to address those situations using tools to communicate more effectively and work with your feelings and needs.
My Therapeutic approach is divided into two categories: Tools and Perspectives + Deep Work.

Tools and Perspectives

Non-Violent Communication and Authentic Relating

I share tools that help you to reconnect with your feelings and needs and ask for what you want. These tools help you reconnect with yourself and connect with others more effectively.

They are rooted in Non-Violent Communication and Authentic Relating. They’ve been “field tested” by myself and hundreds of clients out in the world to create more meaningful, connected relationships with anyone as you go through your day.

Another main framework I use is the Drama Triangle. The drama triangle helps you notice when you’re operating in unhealthy relationship dynamics (in any type of relationship) and how to step out of those unhealthy dynamics and back into a space of empowerment and connection.

I offer these other ways of approaching situations to empower you with new ways to think about the issues and handle those issues and dynamics yourself in the moment.

Deep Work

Often as we go through life, there are parts of ourselves that keep us from living the lives we want. Often these parts are the result of childhood trauma for which we developed coping mechanisms that helped us survive then, but are keeping us from living the lives we want now. In addition, we often repress parts of ourselves in order to be accepted by others. We might push down our emotions like anger and sadness to get by.

All of these parts can be barriers to connecting more deeply with ourselves and others. To work with these parts I use two methods: inner child work and Gestalt therapy.

Inner Child Work

We go back to the origin of the wound through guided meditation and identify the original memory that the wound comes from. We notice what your child self was needing in that memory but didn’t get and give that to your child self as a way of healing the wound in the now.

Gestalt Therapy

With Gestalt therapy we put the part of you that’s been causing you difficulty in an “empty chair.” We then share with this part how you’ve been feeling toward it and how it’s been impacting you. This allows repressed feelings around the part to be voiced and therefore released. Then we uncover when this part came into your life, what was going on at that time, how it served you at that time, how it serves you now, and what it needs to feel comfortable supporting you moving forward now. We then give the part what it needs to support you going forward rather than continuing to hold you back.

Both methods create more wholeness and integration in ourselves which allow us to show up more fully in the world and let our nervous systems stay more relaxed so we can be more creative and more available for connection with ourselves and others.
Therapy can help you notice the issues and patterns in your life, uncover the root cause(s) for them, and empower you with the tools to overcome them.

Often we move through life unconsciously, our actions being controlled by our subconscious.

Einstein said “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results in the definition of insanity.”

If you’d like new ways of working with yourself, your feelings and needs, and interacting with others, to help you create new outcomes, then therapy can help you.
This will vary from person to person and situation to situation.

That said, I recommend a minimum commitment of six sessions to really get a sense of what’s going on and start to implement new solutions for whatever the issues are so you can start to see and feel some change.

You’ll know therapy is working when you start to feel better, feel more comfortable being yourself, have a better sense of who you are and what you’re capable of, notice yourself being able to show up differently, and notice that the outcomes in the situations in your life are changing as you grow.


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