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A Nature-Based Therapy Practice for Men

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Meet David

My own healing work began 13 years ago when I started to recover from a rough a rough childhood. Growing up I dealt with anxiety, depression and even several suicide attempts. I hated myself.


In 2009 I decided that I wanted to feel better, find my own answers and feel more connected to myself and others. I began with energy work and guided meditation. I healed the wounds of my past so I can feel better in the present. Along the way I got a Masters in Public Health and a variety of energy work and holistic healing certifications. Eventually I opened my own healing practice where I used energy work, breathwork, Non-Violent Communication, and inner child work to support clients in their healing.


In 2016 I moved to Boulder, CO to pursue a Masters in Counseling so I could serve people at even deeper level. Now I see clients one on one in private practice for walking, hiking, Zoom or in-office sessions.

My Promise

My Approach

Reaching out for help is the first step toward feeling how you want to feel and getting where you want go. 


I will meet you with honesty, care, and directness. I am here to support you in reaching your goals, stay with you when you’re having trouble, and encourage you the whole while.


I will compassionately support you in uncovering the truth of who you are, practicing the tools that are going to get you where you want to be, and stepping into who you’re capable of being.

I bring presence and authenticity to my work with clients. I like to show up as my curious, quirky self, and laugh with my clients as we get to the heart of what has you coming in for therapy. By showing up as myself, you know it’s okay to show up as yourself. No need for facades here. Along with my humor, I bring a giant toolbox filled with the tools that have helped me and many clients over the years find more relaxation, well-being, and connection.


I bring a sense of genuine curiosity, non-judgment and openness to help get to the root of things. I’m a visual guy so I often map out visually how different issues fit together, and solutions to those issues as I find it’s helpful to visualize things.


One of the core tenets of my approach is to empower clients with the tools to create the outcomes they want. Rather than catching you a fish, I teach you to catch your own so you can eat for a lifetime. 

My Experience

My Training

After opening my healing practice in 2013 I worked with 175 clients over the course of three years. I traveled across the country faciltating workshops in several states around breathwork, energy work (EFT Tapping), and guided meditation.

In 2016 I started my Masters in Counseling at Naropa University in Boulder. While there I authored a book on resolving PTSD which became a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon. 

I spent a couple of years working on marketing my book and a related course and opened my therapy practice in 2021. Now I work with men to embody their purpose, feel grounded, whole and healthy, and get the kind of connection they want in their lives.

My work is rooted in some of the tools and perspectives that have helped me most like Non-Violent Communication, the Drama Triangle, parts work (inner child work and Gestalt), and mindfulness.

I currently offer walking, hiking, in-office, and Zoom therapy sessions. 

Certifications Year
Master of Arts in Counseling 2019
Kundalini Hatha Yoga - 150 Hours 2016
Vinyasa Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hours 2015
Pranic Healing 2013
Reiki Master 2013
Master of Arts in Public Health 2011
Trainings Year
Effortless Heart Mindfulness 2017
Authentic Leadership and Facilitation 2015
Shamanic Breathwork Facilitation 2014
Inner Child and Shadow Work 2014
Emotional Freedom Technique 2014
Non-Violent Communication 2013
Formal Education Year
Master of Arts in Counseling 2013
Master of Arts in Public Health 2011
Bachelor of Arts in History 2008

Inner Fire Therapy

A Nature-Based Therapy Practice for Men

1650 38th St. Suite 100E Boulder CO 80301

David Redbord, MA, MPH, LPCC

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