"Your task is not to seek for love. Your task is to seek and find all the barriers you have made against it." -Rumi

Supported Men in Finding Greater Fulfillment and Connection to Self, Others, and Spirit for More Than a Decade

Does this sound like you?

From the outside looking in – life looks great.

You’re financially successful.

You have a good job, maybe even your own business.

You’ve got money to spare.

You’re in a relationship or married.

But you’re still not feeling fulfilled.

There’s something missing.

Society Tells You…

Push your emotions down.


Don’t show anything that might indicate you’re not 100% straight. 


Be the breadwinner. Go out and earn money. 


Your partner will raise your kids while you work.

Drink Beer. Watch sports. 


Repeat the cycle the next day…


Next week…


Next year…

It’s Easy to End Up Disconnected from Yourself

If you follow what the society tells you…


You’ll live up living in your head instead of in your body.


You’ll often end up in a job you don’t like, even if you’re making money.


You’ll feel disconnected from your partner and disconnected from your kids.

You’ll have checked the boxes but you won’t feel fulfilled.


You might even feel aimless and purposeless.


You’ll feel disconnected from yourself.


But there’s a part of you that knows there’s more.

So How Can You Feel Fulfilled?

The key is to reconnect to yourself.


Your bodyYour emotionsYour intuition.


When you can draw on your body, emotions, and intuition as well as you’re mind…


You’ll make richer, healthier, more fulfilling decisions…


Because they’re more informed decisions.


Rather than living up in your head you become a more whole version of yourself.


You’ll be able to show up more fully for yourself.


Show up more fully for your partner.

Show up more fully for kids.


And engage with life from a place of raw vitality, excitement, curiosity, and playfulness.

Embodying Healthy Masculinity

You’ll be able to tap into your unique gifts and offer those to others.


You’ll know your strengths and act from there.


You’ll find your center, your ground and sit in that stability.


You’re partner will feel more connected with you.

You’ll be able to see, hear and understand your partner more fully because you’re more connected to yourself.


You’ll be able to tap into masculine archetypes to draw on examples of healthy masculinity and embody those in your own life so can come from an aligned place of healthy power and well-being.

What Does Healthy Masculinity

Look Like for You?

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