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Therapy for Spiritual Issues

“Spirit, like God, denotes an object of psychic experience which cannot be proved in the external world and cannot be understood rationally.”

What are Some Common Spiritual Issues?

Walking a spiritual path can seem lonely or unclear. You’re mapping your own path, and it can sometimes be confusing where you’re headed and what you’re working on right now. You know you want to evolve and grow, but you find yourself bumping into the same blocks and patterns. You feel frustrated, but you’re not sure what to do. As a result, you’re not growing the way you want. You feel stuck.

You’ve tried some practices, gone to festivals, used psychadelics, and felt the beautiful altered states you can achieve with those things but you’re not sure how to sustain these frequencies. You find yourself having to keep using psychadelics or going to events to get that “high” back. You want to be able to feel that daily.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Where Do These Spiritual Issues Come From?

Often these blocks stem from childhood. We have unresolved wounds that show up in our relationships and connections again and again, like a broken record. They’ll continue to play out until we’ve resolved the cycle and closed the loop by giving ourselves what we didn’t back then. These triggers are parts of ourselves crying out for help and attention. Sometimes we have to go back to go forwards. If we resolve these old wounds from the past, we can move forward into the frequency we want in the present. 

To maintain that frequency regularly, we need to be super tuned into our inner experience; thoughts, feelings, and needs. Each of these tells us how we’re doing. Once we know how we’re doing, we can let go of unhelpful thoughts, work through difficult feelings, and get our needs met without bypassing what’s happening by numbing out or escaping somehow.

“What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.”

How Do You Help With Spiritual Issues?

Get familiar with your emotions and your needs. Once you’re familiar with those, you have the raw material work with to then shift your frequency. Tune back into the present moment using the breath, bodily sensations, or emotional awareness. The present moment is where the change you’re wanting, the frequency you’re wanting can be found. Using spcific tools, move through the difficult emotions you experience to come back to a space of grounded and open clarity. 

Use the information your body and emotions have for you to make choices that align with where you want to go. Get additional tools to tune in and support you in being more clear. Give those wounded past parts what they need so you can move forward more whole. Navigate the complexity of relationships more effectively with communication tools that support more connection and understanding.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Inner Fire Therapy

A Nature-Based Therapy Practice for Men

1650 38th St. Suite 100E Boulder CO 80301

David Redbord, MA, MPH, LPCC

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