Discover How to Treat and Prevent OCD

Does this Sound Like Your Experience of OCD?

You can’t stop thinking about something.


In order to feel better there’s something you HAVE to do.


You can’t relax without doing whatever that is.


You’re preoccupied with worry over something and whatever it is you have to do feel better.

Which Often Leads To…

Difficulty staying present. 


Not enjoying your life as much due to being preoccupied with something.


Feeling nervous and anxious.


Frustrated with having to do a behavior over and over in order to move forward.

How to Work with OCD

Learn how to shift out of obsessive thinking and come back to the present moment.

If you’re feeling the urge to do a compulsive behavior, use mindfulness to let the urge pass without acting on it.

Use nutrition to help your body and brain ease the symptoms of OCD.

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Client Success Stories

Aman B.
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He helped me get over something limiting beliefs about money. I couldn't get over them no matter how hard I tried. I no longer have these beliefs. I am in the best place I've been financially for a long time. He is incredible at what he does.
Nemanja M.
Communication Issues
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"He helped me a lot with communication issues with our employees. Those principles can be applied to any relationship in your life. Invaluable."
Dan W.
Overcoming Personal Blocks
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"If you're wondering if you should work with Mr. David Redbord, I cannot recommend this guy highly enough. Removed so many personal blocks that I didn't even realize that I got. Just a wonderful experience with him. Just a wonderful experience with him, taking me to the next level."

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