Work with a Spiritual Therapist Online

Work with a Spiritual Therapist Online

Does This Sound Like You?

You’re on a path of spiritual evolution and you want support.

You’ve bumped up against some blocks you’re not sure how to get through.

You’ve been having some spiritual experiences you can’t explain.

You’re dealing with some awakening symptoms and not sure what to do.

You want to make sure you’re staying on your path.

You want spiritual tools and approaches to deal with any mental and emotional challenges you’re dealing with.

Which Means That...

You’re not seeing the progress you want to see.

You’re feeling frustrated because you don’t know why you’re not seeing that progress.

You’re not sure what to do moving forward.

How I Can Help

Get clear on the root cause of the blocks your experiencing

Support you in working through those blocks effectively

Understand spiritual experiences no matter how strange they may seem

Know how to care for symptoms of awakening you may be experiencing

Support you in staying in alignment as you continue to grow and evolve

Grounding to help you feel more present, safe, and relaxed

What are Some Things We Can Do in Spiritual Counseling?

Look at the mental and emotional challenges you’re experiencing.

Give you spiritual tools to work through those challenges

Guided meditation to connect you to your guides and higher self as sources of empowerment

Approaching and resolving issues through the lens of the chakras 

Increase your self-awareness and give you tools to work with your emotions and energy

Give you spiritual practices that fit where you are on your path and serve to help you evolve further

Parts work to integrate parts of yourself that might be keeping you stuck.

Inner child work to heal unresolved wounds from childhood.

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What are my Qualifications?

Reiki Master

Yoga Teacher

Parts Work Specialist

Masters in Mindfulness-based Counseling

I’ve been doing my own inner work for 12 years.

I’ve facilitated inner work for hundreds of clients over 10 years.

I’ve also facilitated workshops for hundreds of folks to transform.

I love helping people return to their true selves.

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